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Yes you are right this is first and foremost a website for Artificial flowers, wedding, formal or corporate but let me also introduce you to the fact that I am also a writer.

All four of my romance novels are available now click the links below to buy, read and review, all only $3.99 in Australia.

eternity book cover

This is a book of passion and pain, love and fear.

Musician, singer and song writer Asher Dalton steps from a plane in New York looking for a new and fresh start in life. She has left her bad memories behind in Australia and is looking for a new career making music and songs.

After a year of hard work things are starting to pay off and she coincidentally meets the very handsome and wealthy William Edmond. A man who is truly her once in a lifetime love, a man who is her destiny.

Asher had sworn off all men for the time being but there is something about William that she cannot ignore. Before long her world is turned upside down. Emotions she has never felt before become every day reality, fear, pain, love, erotic passion, and devastation.

Will she ever be able to love the man she was meant to meet, is her destiny determined to allow her to love or leave her to grieve.

Buy, read, love and review on Kindle (Amazon)


eternity is exlusive to Kindle

eternity and back small

Eternity and Back

this is the sequel to Asher and Williams story.

It takes up on Christmas day, the day that William returned to Asher.

Their love is stronger than ever and they push through life as Asher starts her whirlwind Australian Concert Tour.

She falls deeper in love with the man she loves but finds out secrets on the way, Secrets that can harm her marriage.

She sees an image of herself in another person and finally lays it to rest.

Her life can move on and start a new beginning.

See how Asher and William triumph over their challenges to prove that true love is for all of Eternity

Buy Read and Review my sequel today, go to www.kindlebooks.com.au or in your counrty. Eternity and Back is exclusive to Kindle Books



ravens cove small

Book two Ravens Cove Available now on www.kindlebooks.com.au or www.kobobooks.com

This is a story of a girl with a background, a dark background, one she needs to keep to herself in order to stay alive.

She has spent the past six weeks moving from town to town, using a new name and flying under the radar until she meets Alex. Can he save her and clear her name, can he forgive her for the things she has done in her past?

Or will it be too late.

Now available on Kindle in your country for Australia click the link below


this book is currently being updated on KOBO

Buy Read and Review RAVENS COVE today, go to www.kindlebooks.com.au or in your counrty or www.kobobooks.com



deal small

Deal is the third of the books that I have written, it is now available to buy, read and review online at www.kindlebooks.com.au or in your country, and at www.kobobooks.com

This book is a heartfelt story of an abused woman, Paige, a woman in trouble.

She is trapped in a brutal marriage, her day to day torment and betrayal goes on and on from one day to the next. Her life has little pleasure and there is never an end to the hell and the pain.

Paige one day crosses paths with an older man who will possibly change her direction in life, if she is prepared to take up his deal. If she can make the sacrifice.

What is the deal?


Warning this is a short story one you will finish quickly but it is packed with emotion, it may make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin when you try to imagine how it feels to stand in Paige’s shoes.

Buy Read and Review DEAL today, go to www.kindlebooks.com.au or in your counrty or www.kobobooks.com


Hunters Triangle is the last book that I have self published.

It is a story of starting again... A story of the pain of your partner leaving you and your life turns upside down, everything you knew and held true in your life is back to ground zero and you need to reset your way of thinking and step outside your comfort zone.

This is a story of empowerment and the need to take back your life.

to read Hunters Triangle go to kindlebooks.com.au or to kobobooks.com



hunters triangle small

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Search Eternity or Millie Gregory today for updated details on my books.

© Copyright 2017 Millie Gregory

the copy right for the books Eternity, Eternity and Back, Deal and Ravens Cove are owned by M Browning, (nee Gregory) These four books are fictional and they are in no way based on any true to life story. Any relevance that there may to any person in real life is purely coincidental.


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