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The process is very simple if you have seen a package/arrangement/corsage/item that you would like to buy please email me weddingbunches@optusnet.com.au and I will place your item on hold. From the time it goes on hold on the website and you hear back from me you will have two days (48 hours) to make payment for the items and once they are paid for the package will then be removed from the website and be ready for postage or collection as soon as the funds arrive. If you have not made payment within the 48 hours of the item going on hold and I have not heard from you then the item will go back out for sale. Simply keeping in touch with me and letting me know if you have posted a cheque or money order so this may take longer than the 48 hours will allow me to know to keep the item on hold for a little longer. Paypal and Direct Deposit are the fastest options.

When I place the items you want on hold I will at that point send you an invoice this has all the payment details listed at the bottom of the page. You are welcome to pay by Direct Deposit (please send a remittance of payment) or you can pay via Paypal (2.4% surcharge applies) or you can send a money order or cheque in the mail to PO Box 348, Walkerville SA 5081.

Postage or Collection
On each package listed I will have a flat rate to post to anywhere in Australia listed. If you are an overseas customer please let me know and I will work out the postage to get the item to you. If you would prefer to collect the item this is not a problem I live in Adelaide and I can organize to give you collection details at the point of placing the item on hold and you will not be charged the delivery cost. All items are sent with tracking so that I can see where the item is and when it has been received by you and I will give you this tracking information so you can track your purchase at your end also.

What if I get the item in the post and it is damaged?
To be honest this has never actually happened before I have sent out literally hundreds of thousands of flowers worldwide over the past 10 years of  weddingbunchesandblooms and not had any damaged flowers. I package items very well and it is very unlikely that this will occur artificial flowers are very robust, but if it does you need to send me pictures of the damaged item within 24 hours of receiving the package and I will work it out from there, for example if you have ordered a flower arrangement and the ceramic vase is broken I will send a new one in the post straight away for you to place the arrangement into. There is often a simple fix for things like this. All items are sent with tracking so that I can see where the item is and when it has been received by you and I will give you this tracking information so you can track your purchase at your end also.

What if I get the item and I don’t like it?
I would request that you choose carefully as I do not offer a refund simply because you have changed your mind. I will send you more pictures of the items than what are on the website so you will have a very good idea of what they look like before you purchase them. I stand behind the products I sell and use I only use high quality flowers and I am a highly qualified florist with many many years experience so it would be unlikley that you feel that you got something different to what you saw in the pictures as the pictures will be of the actual flowers you are purchasing.

Do you custom make flowers if I send you a picture of what I am after?
Yes if you would like to send me pics of what you are after or a description of what you would like this is helpful, and a list of items you are wanting for your wedding party. A wedding date and location are very helpful too.

I have two more bridesmaids and groomsmen and need more corsages in the wedding package can you make more items for me?
As long as I can get stock and you are giving me time to do this it should not be a problem at all, if your wedding is in a week or the flowers are not readily available then I would have to say no but in most cases this would not be an issue at all. Just let me know the details of when your wedding is and what extra items you are after. Extra items are charged for at their normal pricing unless I can get the items at a sale price to pass on the savings to you.

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