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Formal Wrist Corsages
Deb Ball Posies and Corsages

Formals are more popular than ever and if you are organizing your formal then look no further than to have an artificial wrist corsage.

They are robust and will last the night were as fresh flowers are very fragile and often cannot withstand the dancing and fun that you will have on your special night.

you can choose pretty much any flower and colour combination to be custom made for you please just contact me with what it is you would like and I can quote you for this.

You may like your corsage displayed in a PVC corsage box

this is optional if you would like a Corsage Box for your corsage with matching ribbons please let me know at the time of ordering this is an additional $4

formal corsages (11)

Postage to get your corsage to you for one or two corsages is just $7.45 to anywhere in Australia.

You may be a part of a school or organization that is wanting to buy corsages to match for the whole formal or debutante ball. If this is the case please contact me as I can offer you further assistance.

If you have got together with a group of your friend and would like to order multiple corsages all the same or all different this is a great way to order please contact me so I can assist you better.


formal corsages (7)1 formal corsages (2)


Silver glitter flower with brooch and diamante bracelet


formal corsages (3)

single peony head hot pink with diamante bracelet $25

formal corsages (17)

Large david austin rose head with tulips on diamante bracelet $30

formal corsages (10)

Rose hot pink on crystal bracelet $25

formal corsages (5)

Red rose on diamante and black beaded bracelet $25

formal corsages (4) formal corsages (16)

singe david austin rose head peach with diamante braclet $25

single rose head chocolate with diamante bracelet $25

formal corsages (14)

Rose and galaxy orchid on diamante bracelet $28

formal corsages (8)

Rose ice pink on diamante bracelet coral ribbon $25

formal corsages
formal corsages (13)

Rose Minuet colour on pearl and diamante bracelet $25

formal corsages (6)

Rose and tulip cream white tones on diamante bracelet $30

Some Examples of artificial wrist corsages that I have made in the past and a guide to the pricing.

Minuet Rose and orchids on diamante Bracelet $25

Deb Ball Posies or Corsages and Buttonholes

Are you one of the organizers for a Deb Ball. Well look no further if you are after posies or wrist corsages for the Girls and matching buttonholes for the Gents this is the place you need to order them from.

What ever flower or colours you are after I can assist you. Each item will be made identical to the next and be perfect for the big occasion.

I offer discounts on normal pricing for orders of 10 posies or corsages or more to be made. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

In most cases for a deb ball people choose a 14cm or 17cm posy of white flowers, but sometimes a colour can be used in the flowers too if this is what you are needing. Or Wrist corsages are becoming very popular for deb balls too. if you look above you will see a few designs of corsages that you may like I can custom make them in any flower and colour you like.

Listed below are some ideas and some pricing for small posies.

2012-10-24 14.20.12
Belinda S 001 Amy 003
Anna 008
Colour combinations pink edge with pink purple
haeley 003
pamela 007

Wrist corsages range from $15 to $35 depending on the options you choose for your corsage and the type of flowers

14 cm posy

Real Touch Frangipani $55 Fabric Frangipani $40
Rose $45-60 depending on brand
Real Touch Tiger Lily $50 Fabric $35
Gardenia $55
Phaelanopsis Orchid $55
Tulips $55
Singapore Orchids $60

17 cm posy

Real Touch Frangipani $75 Fabric Frangipani $55
Rose $60-80 depending on brand
Real Touch Tiger Lily $75 Fabric $55
Gardenia $75
Phaelanopsis Orchid $75
Tulips $75
Singapore Orchids $80

If you are buying just one or two items the pricing will be a guide above. if you are buying for the whole ball and are purchasing more than 10 posies or wrist corsages at one time I am able to offer you discounts please contact me for more details.

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