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Fresh and Artificial Flowers

Flower Girl and Page Boy Flowers

Lets not forget your little people on your wedding day. I can make a range of flowers suitable for all ages to help make your wedding day special.

Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaids as well as your page boy. There is something for everyone.

Artificial flower Fairy Wands

Alicia 001 bernie 002
davis 001
den 001 Katie 012
Vanessa Wands 001

Fairy wands start from $50 and are custom made especially for you, in your colours. Each is individual and you can choose all the options such as trails or no trails, candy stripe or no candy stripe. You can add butterflies or dragonflies for $5 each and more. They can be upgraded and made with diamantes and crystals and embellished how ever you want them to be.

Flower Girl Baskets

rose and blue orchid fg basket
wildflower fg basket (3)
purple and white fg basket pack (3)
pink rose fg basket red rose fg basket (4)

Flower girl baskets can be made in satin baskets or in wicker baskets they start from $45 and can be made to match the flowers and colours from your wedding flowers.

There is many styles to choose from and all is custom made for your wedding

Flower girl baskets can be made using fresh or artificial flowers.

Artificial Pomander Ball

candida (5)
ann 004

Pomander Balls are made using artificial flowers to suit the flowers and colours of your wedding. They start from $50 and are an easy thing for a young child to carry. All the balls in the pics here are about 12-13cm across but can be made larger than the standard.

Pomander balls are glued so are very robust and easy to carry, please note they can be done in fresh flowers but are very fragile and not recommended.

Nicole balls 1
Danielle 2

Flower Girl and Junior Posies

2012-10-24 14.20.12
Flowergirl Frang 1
Stephanie 003
sarah 002

A flower girl posy is usually about 14-15cm across and a junior usually about 17-18 cm across. They can be made using the matching flowers and colours from your bridal flowers and can be made in Fresh or in Artificial. A smaller replica of yours or the bridesmaid flowers.

In most cases a flower girl posy will start from $50-60 and a junior will start from $70-80 it will depend on the flowers that are being used as to the actual price.

Junior Bridesmaid Posy 3

Head Circlet and Headbands

mini mini calla head circlet (4)
hayley 017
2 Kylie hair piece 1

Head circlets can be made to match the flowers and colours in your bridal flowers they can be made thin or thicker with flowers as you can see from the pics here.

They can be made to attach onto a headband to slide into the hair.

Artificial head circlets will start from $35-40 each Fresh head circlets will start from $50 each.

fiona 007
leticia 003

Page Boy Cushion

Page Boy Cushion 010

Satin Page boy cushions come in White or in Ivory tones and can be embellished with flowers to match your wedding or left plain.

Page boy cushions are $20 white or ivory

Embellished page boy cushions start from $30

Page Boy Buttonholes

Stephanie 007
Kelly Buttonhole Athena 11

Page boy buttonholes are available generally using smaller flowers to match the grooms buttonhole.

For fresh flowers expect to pay around $8-10 per buttonhole

For artificial expect to pay around $5-6 per buttonhole

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