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Are you organizing an Event? It may be your Wedding or perhaps a Corporate Event for work, maybe a Birthday or a Wedding Anniversary or for a Club or any other Event. Big or small I can help you with your Event decorations.

If you are needing flowers for your Event then look no further. I can assist with either Fresh or Artificial flowers for the tables and all your floral decorating needs.

You can book me in for a specific date to set up your flowers in your venue anywhere within Adelaide at a very reasonable cost.

I can work with what ever style, colours and theme you are planning and I can assist you in the entire floral decorating from start to finish.

stephanie (2)
stephanie (3)
stephanie (4) stephanie (6)

This was an event I created the flowers for and set up at Oliver White Hill Estate near McLaren Vale. Simple bouquets of Fresh flowers and greenery added a classy touch to a rustic and beautiful venue. POA

kim 021

Simple glass cubes of artificial roses and greenery

This customer ordered and collected her flowers to set up her venue herself for her wedding.

Small cubes of flowers start from $35-50 per arrangement depending on the flowers you are choosing.


Flat Bamboo Bridal Table90 v 60cm 014 Michelle 003
amy 007

My own design of flat bamboo table arrangements and bridal table arrangements. Can be created in fresh or in artificial flowers and placed on the table as your centerpiece.

various sizes custom made to your needs.

jaime 005
j koch 006
Large Church Arrangement 2
2011-10-31 09.52.09

Large urn arrangements and church arrangements can be made in Fresh or in Artificial flowers.

tammy 002
stefanie 016
courtney rodgers 005 ivory white pot 5
Juanita 009
lauren m (12)
rebecca (8)
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loretta 001
three sizes 003
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Mary 023
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